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Restoring authenticity to food from the ground up is the missioin that drives us. Restauration is the realization of a dream.

Breakthrough in Food Packaging Systems

South-Indian food tastes best when it’s steaming hot. The greatest drawback faced by the food delivery industry is how to retain the freshness of the food till the customer consumes it. Microwaveable containers are lazy alternatives to package food, since it would mean the food cannot be consumed on the go, and adds on to plastic waste.

As an innovative step, Madras Curry Cup has gone the extra mile to ensure we achieve this at multiple levels, to give the customers a distinctive experience when they eat the Curry Cups.

● Firstly, the food is packed in environmentally friendly, aluminium coated, industry grade plastic sachets.

● Secondly, we transport the food in vacuum heat boxes or in heated trays, that gives an additional buffer for the food to stay hot.

● Finally, we give a bowl to which the food to be transferred, conveniently mixed and consumed.

This enables the containers to retain heat for the longest time without dissipating it, unlike plastics. This benefits the working professionals, who have shorter lunch hours, since the packaging...

● Keeps the food hot until the point of consumption.

● Makes the process of mixing the curry with the rice easier.

● Ensures that all the contents of the pack are easy to eat without the use of hands, and can be done right at your desk, or inside your car.

Never Go Hungry, There Is Always a Curry Cup Waiting For You

Madras Curry Cup is working on many unconventional methods to make our food available to a wider set of people. We are aiming at breaking all socio-economic barriers for the consumption of Curry Cups in the city through...

1. ‘Chipotle’ Style Restaurants - The “Customizable Meal” kind of restaurant, catering South-Indian cuisine.

2.   Kiosks would set up in multiple localities across the city - they would run the same menu as the restaurant.

3.  Supermarkets in the neighbour-hood will sell Curry Cups for a two-hour window during lunch and dinner - where can be picked up right over the counter.

As the next revolutionary step, we are planning on introducing…

4.  Madras Curry Cup Express, a modified auto rickshaw that would take our food to the consumers even in the most obscure locations, where setting a shop would not be feasible.

Habituating Quality

Madras Curry Cup promises to provide top-notch standard in food, that one can vouch by. We pledge absolute commitment to our customers and ensure we:

● Source our ingredients from the top of the line vendors.

● Follow the now fading, but conventional cooking methods that are proven to be healthier.

● Never use adulterated ingredients, artificial flavour or colour enhancers to the food.

● Prepare the food in a centralized kitchen, that operate under strict regulations.

● Uphold stringent quality checks

● Pack the food into containers right there, and ship it out to the various outlets, leaving no space for tampering.

● Give the assurance that the food from the previous day is not refrigerated and sold the subsequent day.

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