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Restoring authenticity to food from the ground up is the missioin that drives us. Restauration is the realization of a dream.

Revolutionizing The Way South-Indian Food Is Consumed

Are you an urbanite who grew up enjoying your rice and curry with a variety of sides?

Do you miss eating them regularly since you don’t find the time to prepare it yourself? Or, are you not satisfied with the quality of food at the local restaurants?

With fast foods and calorie heavy finger foods from the west gaining prominence with the ultrafast urban populace, people are moving away from our staple diets.

If your lifestyle calls for eating every meal outside, you might face two kinds of problems:

● Food prepared with impeccable quality standards becomes too expensive to consume on a daily basis.

● On the contrary, if it’s cheap, it might not be up to your hygiene standards.

Madras Curry Cup bridges this gap with our affordably priced, conveniently packaged, freshly prepared, homemade South-Indian food from your grand Mom’s kitchen straight to your hand.

Reviving The Old Flavours Of Madras Presidency

The South-Indian cuisine has a massive cult following even outside the region. Within the wider panorama of South-Indian cuisine, there are sub-cultures that intricately influence the methods of cooking in each region.

Madras Curry Cup brings together two distinct flavours from the present day Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu to revive the old flavours of Madras and satiate your cravings for the traditional homemade cuisine from South-India.

If you’ve moved from elsewhere to South-India, you’d have definitely heard the running gag about how the South-Indian meal being too rice-heavy, makes one feel like they’d have to nap right after the meal.

Madras Curry Cup is breaking the myth and proving that a South-Indian meal is...

● Neither more time consuming than the fast foods.

● Nor hard to eat with cutleries.

… and bringing back the convenience in consumption, without compromising on the experience of tasting the South-Indian cuisine the way it’s meant to be.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

We know our customers would not prefer repeating the same menu over and over. So, upholding the proverbial thought that goes like... ‘Variety is the spice of life,’ Madras Curry Cup offers various South-Indian recipes spread over the week, including snacks and beverages.

Not every person walks into the restaurant with the same level of hunger. We thought it would be wise to give the customer a choice in portion sizes. This ensures...

● Reduced wastage

● Better deals for the customers

Madras Curry Cup adapts the one-of-a-kind ‘Chipotle model,’ wherein, the portion sizes of the main dish, the respective curry, and the sides are all customizable to give the meal a variety that suits your taste. So, you’d never have to repeat the same order twice in the week.

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